Everyone is in a hurry but no one reaches anywhere in time. The world that surrounds us has become an impatient society. A society of ego-centric people who have become attached to social media rather than socializing. In the wake of seeing the larger picture, we lose the smaller details in it. We don’t think spending Rs.5000 in a shopping mall or a 5 Star restaurant with a swipe of a card, but we think whether to give Rs.10 or Rs.20 to the valet or the security guard at the gate. We have become a society that has become more obsessed with self and selfie rather than the value of time together. We have become a society that has reduced to a pessimistic society than an optimistic one. This has made us more lonelier and more desperate souls which can easily be exploited.

the impatient society

The emergence of social media has shrunk has made us narrow-minded to one point of view whether it be liberal thinking or conservative mindset. We are becoming an impatient society with vast technological improvements in the making life easier by reducing human errors but in the process losing the value of human interaction. The vast number of startups like Uber, Swiggy, Amazon may have made our life easier and simpler but it has also made the human interaction more complicated. We have 500 friends and 1000 followers on Facebook and Twitter who would reply instantly to writing things on your mind but are hesitant to meet face to face.  Somewhere in admist the virtual world we have lost our human touch. We are deep dived into the virtual whirpool and it has dragged our souls inside it.

Social media has opened us to a thinking where we jump on the 10% of the negatives leaving rest 90% of positives. What Facebook Live achieved in terms of socializing is told people that we are all lonely people desperate for attention. In amidst a protest, we see people in FB live and carrying DSLRs.  People take videos of people in trouble and post it, and others share it without any help. Recently there was a video of kid getting beaten by a woman and the man rather than protect the child, was busy taking the video and posting it. In the time of taking the video he could have stopped the child getting hurt. That is just one instance, there are many more. Most of lynching that we see in videos can be avoided if people who are taking the video can help the people in trouble. In return we expect people to help us when we are in trouble and say nobody helps us when we are in trouble. If we don’t help people in trouble, how can we expect them to help us when we are in trouble.

We are a society that has become a protesting society because if you accept something you are labelled a right wing extremists where as people who protest are called “Liberals”. For instance,the Jallikattu Protest was to protect the native breeds of South India which without Jallikattu were taken to Slaughter Houses and the beef ban would have done the same. We had protests for both. A rebel is someone who resists the accepted way of thinking or living but the number of “rebels” propping up on social media has made us think if being a rebel has become a way of living and that being normal is the new rebel.

This article is filled with grammatical errors and sentence errors and spelling mistakes which will be targeted. Tolerance like Loyalty is two-way street. You can’t only be tolerant towards belief only to one section of the society. It is equally important for that one section to be tolerant towards belief of rest of the society. In a world of polarized opinions, we need to be have a midpoint where we all can agree on issues. Be it liberal or conservative or left wing or Right wing or atheists or theists we need to find midpoints to agree without insulting or degrading the other point of view. When you insult one point of view people who believe in the other point get closer and more violent. We have seen the case with Donald Trump. Liberals called his voters are racists, idiots and other insults which made them more violent and after his election there is a rise in hate crimes because of frustration of calling them insults. I am not defending the actions but we need to be more careful about insulting someone’s ideology.

In conclusion, our lives are most into a fast lane with the advent of technology. We binge watch series to find the end without even waiting for the episodes to run it full course of time. We reach judgements like we binge watch tv series but in the end even a episode of a crime series take 45 minutes to find a person guilty but in reality it takes 45 seconds and one headline/status/tweet.

This blog is written by Siddharth Sabari.

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