Roti bank in Malegaon

Roti bank in Malegaon – why not in Namma Chennai?

Far away from Chennai, about a hundred kilometres from Nashik, a small city called Malegaon is making headlines thanks to the magnanimity of four individuals.

Siraj Bhai, a retired home guard, Sheikh Amir and Khalid Ansari, both wiremen and Nasib Khan, a school peon, joined hands recently to form a Roti Bank where people are able to ‘deposit’ any extra food that they may have and the needy come to “withdraw” this food to satisfy their hunger.

Roti bank in Malegaon

The concept is very simple. Whenever there are leftovers either at individual homes or during celebrations, people are invited to leave such leftovers at the Roti Bank. Awareness is created among the poorer sections of society about the Roti Bank and the hungry and needy among them are encouraged to visit the Bank and pick up food. Great care is taken to ensure that only fresh leftovers are served. The ‘Bank’ is kept open from 11am to 6pm every day. The idea has caught up so well that some individuals prepare food especially for the poor and leave it at the Roti Bank.

What an idea!

Why not emulate this in Chennai and other cities all over the country as well? Thaneer pandals during specific occasions are not uncommon in Tamilnadu and Roti Banks could be an extension of this. All it takes is an inclination to help the needy and a willingness to be part of the movement. Why not some NGOs take the lead or some of the corporates initiate action and treat this as part of their CSR?

And if you thought this is an expensive exercise, think again. For the Roti Bank in Malegaon, the four individuals hired a cart for Rs.15 per day and that’s it…they were ready to get down to work.

This article was written by vijay