RANT REMATCH #1 – The Language Debate

                                                RANT REMATCH #1 – The Language Debate

Oh my god! What is wrong with Indians? Few people are disappointed at an concert of A.R.Rahman for singing Tamil Songs and everybody loses their mind. Only in India where music is made into an National Debate on Primetime in News Channels. For God’s Sake, it is A.R.Rahman. An icon of Indian Music and has done films in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu,Malayalam, Hollywood and Broadway. He has won every award from the Oscars to the Filmfare. He is a Padma Bhushan winner and has been delivering every year for the past 25 years with refreshing music. Most of his songs are remade(I think it is called remade) into different languages. Some of the movies are remembered not for the story, screenplay or direction but just for A.R.Rahman’s music and we don’t simply deserve such a musician. Post Vishwaroopam, in an interview, Kamal Haasan said that when is writing a new script, his pen stops to think if a certain scene is controversial and that he should stop writing such a scene. In future, A.R.Rahman’s concerts is going to be only instrumental without hearing the soulful voice of A.R.Rahman. I am glad to know both Tamil and Hindi and that I can enjoy A.R.R’s music both in Hindi and Tamil. Some songs of the Maestro are better in Tamil and some are better in Hindi.

I think A.R.R has been doing concerts for 25 years and has been doing both Tamil and Hindi songs and there wasn’t any outcry but why now? Anyone who has listened to A.R.R from the days of Roja or Bombay would never walk out of a concert. These idiots who think tweeting is form of freedom of expression are the people that humiliate the Unity of our Democracy. India has moved from the world’s largest democracy to world’s largest hypocrisy. The social media channels like Buzzfeed has run out of story to put up. The new trend of social media outrage is Snapshot some person’s views and put it on the internet and degrade that person.

A person shouldn’t be judged in 144 characters. He shouldn’t be judged or degraded for his views but to be engaged in debate to explain why he is wrong. Language is the same, the moment people start crying Hindi Imposition, we better accept that government is imposing hindi or anything other view makes you a right wing nationalist or a bhakt. We have French in our 10th and 12th as third language in South but having Hindi is Hindi Imposition. The chances of using Hindi is much higher than using French. The chances of a South Indian ending up in North India is higher than him ending in France. There was a post on Facebook on why North Indians are amused by people in Chennai don’t speak Hindi. The reason is all the states surrounding Tamil Nadu people speak and understand Hindi to an extent that you can communicate with them. In Kerala, where I stayed for 2 years, people will understand Hindi much better than they understand Tamil. Knowing Hindi is common sense.

Only the elite from North India who come to south don’t learn Tamil but Working class from the North-east or Bihar or Uttar Pradesh speak much better Tamil than the Tamilians themselves. We judge the natinal mentality with Twitter but only the elite are in Twitter. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are Industrial states with Bengaluru being the Silicon Valley and TN being the one of the top 5 industrial states in India with migrant workers from North and North East India flowing into the states makes Hindi Sign Boards necessity and a common sense move. Hindi Imposition would be removing Tamil/Kannada names and then putting only Hindi and English.

this article wriiten by siddharth sabari.