Corruption – why blame only the takers

Corruption – why blame only the takers

On NDTV, a couple of days back, Prannoy Roy was in a chat with N. Ram about the latter’s recent book on corruption.  During the talk, it was mentioned about the two categories of corruption that are slowly and surely destroying our country.The first type, Grand Corruption, involves “high level govt decisions that distort the policies of the government” and the second, Petty Corruption where the common man is affected on a day to day basis.

Talking about the second category, the Petty Corruption, it is my opinion that the givers are as much to blame, as the takers and unless the givers show more restraint in doling out bribes, the clan of takers in this category is only bound to increase.

Corruption - why blame only the takers

Let me narrate a personal experience.  The other day, my wife and I went to apply for an Aadhar card. As i was making inquiries on the procedures to be followed, I was approached by a person who offered to help. I thought he was one of the staff on duty trying to be of assistance.  Drawing up a chair, he asked me to sit down and with a lot of courtesy, explained that all i needed to do was fill in a few forms and hey presto, I would be able to accomplish my mission and walk out under ten minutes.  And then, came the tag line: “You have to pay me only a thousand rupees per card which means it would be a total of two thousand rupees for two cards”.  I politely refused, went with my wife the next day, stood in the queue for about two hours, and finished the job. Not a rupee spent!

Now, how many of us can touch our heart and admit that we would rather suffer a bit of hardship than paying bribes.  This is where, I think, the common man needs to reflect.  Paying up has become a habit and as old habits die hard, it would definitely feel a bit strange initially but unless we are determined and stop playing up to unscrupulous “takers”, the scenario is only going to go from bad to worse.

Before i conclude let me tell you that the Aadhar card episode was just one of the instances when i refused to pay up and every time I say NO to paying up bribes, I feel great and know I am doing good for myself and the nation.

Now, it’s your take to pay up or not.

This article was written by vijay