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RANT REMATCH #1 – The Language Debate

July 17, 2017 resident 0

                                                RANT REMATCH #1 – The Language Debate Oh my god! What is wrong with Indians? Few people are disappointed at an concert of A.R.Rahman […]

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Roti bank in Malegaon

July 11, 2017 resident 0

Roti bank in Malegaon – why not in Namma Chennai? Far away from Chennai, about a hundred kilometres from Nashik, a small city called Malegaon […]

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The Right to Die

July 9, 2017 resident 0

The Right to Die “Whatever one’s believe in God, I know we can all agree, some lives are taken far to early, and others far […]

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July 5, 2017 resident 0

THE IMPATIENT SOCIETY Everyone is in a hurry but no one reaches anywhere in time. The world that surrounds us has become an impatient society. […]