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An intellectual is called one when his/her thoughts are documented in writing. The same goes the other way too. Sometimes a thought, according to a person who is thinking might be progressive/regressive or in other words Liberal/Conservative. We are living in an environment where every thought that is shared is torn into pieces. Democracy means is freedom to express views, be it liberal or conservative.

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We at Resident Reporter are neither conservatives nor liberals. If there is an issue we will put two points of view and it will be personal points of view from our writers. If someone is against something we will put equal effort to add the other view point and vice versa. Our writers will be given the freedom to write their points of view in practical manner with supporting facts and we will try our best to verify the same. We will be bringing up issues that will not create the noise it should at the National Stage but it will be important for our writers and people who are affected by it. Our issues will be written or narrated by the people who are involved in the incident and need a place to voice their concerns. Our content will have grammatical errors and we will accept if there are flaws in our facts and try to correct them. We will not be naming any person personally and we will make sure our writers don’t do the same.

At the same time, we will be also writing articles on the topics which we don’t hear about or may have just shrugged as unnecessary or unwanted. We will be writing about our society overall rather than picking on issues. We will be writing about subjects that would we wouldn’t have heard or rarely see on the news.

We want to be different from the rest and our USP will be that we will be concentrating on smaller issues rather than big political ones. Please feel free to contact us with issues in your area even it is small. We would really be happy to spread happiness too. If there is a person who deserves recognition we want make the viewers know about his achievements. We will spread as much happiness as possible and I look forward to discussing controversial topics with people whose views are different than mine.

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